Best Web Hosting for WordPress - Cloudwards

February 17th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

CloudwardsHowever, there are a few ways, specifically with WordPress, that a host can improve both without precious server space. Before looking into speeds, though, we checked which of our best web hosting providers would [...]

Blippar developing 'WordPress of AR' to feed Apple's ARKit, Google's ARCore - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

February 16th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

AppleInsider (press release) (blog)Blippar developing 'WordPress of AR' to feed Apple's ARKit, Google's ARCore. By Mike Wuerthele Friday, February 16, 2018, 06:50 am PT (09:50 am ET). Early entry into augmented reality solutions company [...]

For one-time NPR and NYT digital chief, a new adventure: WordPress - Poynter (blog)

February 15th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Poynter (blog)His new boss, Matt Mullenweg, WordPress co-founder and CEO of parent company Automattic Inc., has his say as well. This interview has been edited slightly for clarity: Kinsey, first off, congratulations. How exactly [...]

Pair of WordPress plug-ins inject malicious scripts to deliver unwanted ads - SC Magazine UK

February 14th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

SC Magazine UKTwo malicious plug-ins were recently discovered injecting obfuscated JavaScript into WordPress websites to generate advertisements that appear if a visitor clicks anywhere on the page. The two plug-ins, injectbody and injectscr, share [...]

Pair of WordPress plug-ins inject malicious scripts to deliver unwanted ads - SC Magazine

February 13th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

SC MagazineTwo malicious plug-ins were recently discovered injecting obfuscated JavaScript into WordPress websites, in order to generate advertisements that appear if a visitor clicks anywhere on the page. The two plug-ins, injectbody and injectscr, [...]

WordPress plugin hacked to mine cryptocurrency: government, ICO, NHS sites hit - The Internet of Business (blog)

February 12th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

The Internet of Business (blog)Government websites in the US and UK, including that of the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), have been hit by malware designed to mine cryptocurrency. According to security researcher Scott [...]

Amazon created the Polly plugin to transform text into voice on WordPress - PPC Land

February 10th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Amazon created the Polly plugin to transform text into voice on WordPressPPC LandAmazon launched 3 days ago a new plugin for WordPress, the most popular Content Manager System (CMS) in the world. The new [...]

Amazon�Polly WordPressプラグインを発表�ブログ投稿を音声化��ッドキャスト化も�能� - TechCrunch Japan

February 9th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

TechCrunch Japan本日(米国時間2月8日)Amazonã�¯ã€�æ–°ã�—ã�„Amazon Polly WordPressプラグインã‚'発表ã�—ã�Ÿã€‚ã�“ã‚Œã‚'使ã�ˆã�°ãƒ–ログã�®æŠ•ç¨¿ã�‹ã‚‰éŸ³å£°ç‰ˆã‚'作æˆ�ã�—ã�¦ã€�ブログã�"声ã‚'与ã�ˆã‚‹ã�“ã�¨ã�Œã�§ã��る。Amazonã�"よれã�°ã€�生æˆ�ã�•ã‚Œã�ŸéŸ³å£°ã�¯ã€�ã��ã�®ãƒ–ログ記事ã�‹ã‚‰ç›´æŽ¥å†�生ã�—ã�Ÿã‚Šã€�Amazon Pollycastã�¨ã�„ã�†æ©Ÿèƒ½ã‚'通ã�—ã�¦ãƒ�ッドキャスト形å¼�ã�§ã‚¢ã‚¯ã‚»ã‚¹ã�™ã‚‹ã�“ã�¨ ...

Amazon launches a Polly WordPress plugin that turns blog posts into audio, including podcasts - TechCrunch (blog)

February 8th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

TechCrunch (blog)Amazon today is launching a new Amazon Polly WordPress plugin that gives your blog a voice by creating audio versions of your posts. The resulting audio can be played from within the blog [...]

Serious DoS flaw spotted in WordPress platform - affects most versions - SC Magazine UK

February 7th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Serious DoS flaw spotted in WordPress platform - affects most versionsSC Magazine UKSecurity researchers have discovered a flaw in open source CMS WordPress that would allow a hacker to take down a website through [...]

CVE-2018-6389 WordPress Parameter Resource Consumption Remote DoS - Security Boulevard

February 6th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Security BoulevardYesterday (Monday, February 5, 2018), a zero-day vulnerability in WordPress core was disclosed, which allows an attacker to perform a denial of service (DoS) attack against a vulnerable application. The vulnerability exists in [...]

Google AMP & WordPress: Everything You Need to Know - SitePoint

February 5th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

SitePointThis article was created in partnership with Elevation Marketing. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. A couple of years ago, Google introduced a technology that rocked mobile SEO called AMP. [...]

Redesigning a largish (70+ pages, 300+ blog posts) WordPress site -- w/issues - SitePoint (blog)

February 3rd, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Redesigning a largish (70+ pages, 300+ blog posts) Wordpress site -- w/issuesSitePoint (blog)bill97 2018-02-02 19:32:28 UTC #1. Hello folks... So I inherited a poorly maintained Wordpress site with a heavily hacked DIVI theme, and [...]

Seven Great Cryptocurrency Plugins For WordPress In 2018 - Forbes

February 2nd, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

ForbesForbes Technology Council Elite CIOs, CTOs & execs offer firsthand insights on tech & business. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Post written by. Thomas Griffin. Co-founder and CTO of OptinMonster. Expert [...]

Easily Create & Manage WordPress Temporary Users with a Plugin - Security Boulevard

February 1st, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Security BoulevardDo you need to give temporary access to a developer or an author to your WordPress website? If you manage a WordPress website, you surely need to give temporary access to someone so [...]

How will WP Engine's $250M influx affect the future of WordPress? - TechTarget

January 31st, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

How will WP Engine's $250M influx affect the future of WordPress?TechTargetThe already-large WordPress provider WP Engine is getting a massive cash infusion, but what does that mean for the content management market? Expert Geoffrey [...]

Various Features of WordPress for Building Effective Business Website - VENTS Magazine (press release) (blog)

January 30th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

VENTS Magazine (press release) (blog)Every website always starts from a far point known as an idea. You need to design your opinion to a successful story. provides the features, design, and support you [...]

Keylogger found on thousands of WordPress sites - ITWeb

January 29th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

ITWebIlia Kolochenko, CEO of Web security company, High-Tech Bridge, says: "Unfortunately, the vast majority of WordPress installations have been seen as low-hanging fruit for cyber criminals for several years. By default, if properly installed, [...]

Более 2000 �айтов на WordPress заражены кейлоггером и браузерным майнером - Хакер

January 27th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

ХакерÐ' декабре 2017 года аналитики компании Sucuri предупреждали о вредоноÑ�ной кампании, развернутой против плохо защищенных и давно не обновлÑ�ющихÑ�Ñ� Ñ�айтов на базе WordPress. Ð�апомню, что тогда Ñ�пециалиÑ�Ñ‚Ñ‹ обнаружили, что злоумышленники загружают на взломанные Ñ�айты [...]

Keylogger found on thousands of WordPress-based sites, stealing every keypress as you type - Security Boulevard

January 26th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Security Boulevard(And yes, that's another reason why WordPress accounts should be defended with two-factor authentication). As Bleeping Computer reports, there are at least 2,000 WordPress sites infected with the keylogger. This is in addition [...]

These Top WordPress Themes Can Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever - SitePoint

January 25th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

SitePointThis article was sponsored by BAWMedia. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Web design trends change over the years. Some trends come and go. Others become permanent fixtures. Such is [...]

Get access to 180 WordPress designs and layouts for 70% off with Dessign - Mashable

January 24th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

MashableHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. You may know WordPress as [...]

Get 50 Percent Off Liquid Web Managed WordPress Plans - PCMag

January 23rd, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

PCMagSo, what's the benefit of investing in Liquid Web's managed WordPress service instead of running it yourself? All of the hassle that comes along with server management is taken care of behind the scenes. [...]

How to Get Started With WordPress - PCMag

January 22nd, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

PCMagWordPress. It's the free content management system (CMS) that powers everything from your favorite anime fan site to CNN's online presence. In fact,, the website that houses the open-source software, states that WordPress [...]

The Easiest Ways To Build A Personal Website That Looks Professional - Refinery29

January 20th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

Refinery29The Platform: Wordpress Everyone from major media companies, to zoos, and even the Obama Foundation uses WordPress. The popular content management system, or CMS, offers an extensive variety of templates you can use for [...]

Software-update: WordPress 4.9.2 - Tweakers

January 17th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

TweakersWordPress logo (75 pix) Versie 4.9.2 van WordPress is uitgekomen. Met dit programma, dat onder een gpl beschikbaar wordt gesteld, is het mogelijk om een website of blog op te zetten en bij te [...] and domain names – DNW Podcast #169 - Domain Name Wire

January 15th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس| and domain names – DNW Podcast #169Domain Name and domain names – DNW Podcast #169. by Andrew Allemann — January 15, 2018 Podcasts 0 Comments. Kellie Peterson talks about what is [...]

WordPress Hamburger menu not working - SitePoint

January 14th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

WordPress Hamburger menu not workingSitePointI asked a friend when he was going to get his site fixed and he reckoned he was far too busy... I now have the job of trying to fix [...]

WordPress powers 26 pc of the internet: here's what the man behind it can teach us -

January 11th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

YourStory.comWhen you talk about the leaders of the global tech industry, most people will likely think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and the like. These stalwarts have become household names thanks to [...]

Five Steps To Launch A WordPress-Powered E-Commerce Business - Forbes

January 8th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

ForbesForbes Technology Council Elite CIOs, CTOs & execs offer firsthand insights on tech & business. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Post written by. Thomas Griffin. Co-founder and CTO of OptinMonster. Expert [...]

WP Engine Raises $250M to Grow WordPress Platform - eWeek

January 5th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

eWeekCohen commented that the general perception of WordPress in 2010 was that it was largely for blogs and small business. Over the last eight years, that perception and reality has shifted as WordPress has [...]

WP Engine, a managed WordPress platform, raises $250M from Silver Lake - TechCrunch

January 4th, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

TechCrunchWhile apps continue to grow in popularity as a primary route for people to interface with the digital world, there remains a very significant role for the web, and today, a startup that helps [...]

Create a Dynamic Form in WordPress - HTML Goodies

January 2nd, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

HTML GoodiesWordPress's outstanding versatility has catapulted it far beyond its humble beginnings as a blogging platform. It appeals both to the novice and expert developer, allowing him or her to create anything from simple [...] Switches Website CMS to WordPress - The Zebra

January 1st, 2018|عالم ووردبريس|

The, the official website of the White House and topics on the United States' economy, national security, budget, immigration, and healthcare has migrated to a new Content Management System. “ moving their CMS [...] Launches WordPress Comment Remover Plugin - The Daily Telescope

December 30th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس| Launches WordPress Comment Remover PluginThe Daily TelescopeLos Angeles, CA — 12/29/2017 — Dark Lich is an independent online platform that focuses on sharing newly developed apps and software and also educating people about [...]

WordPress, hacker ancora all'assalto! - Punto Informatico

December 29th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

WordPress, hacker ancora all'assalto!Punto InformaticoRoma - Una nuova campagna malevola iniziata questa settimana prende di mira i siti WordPress, piattaforma di gestione e pubblicazione dei contenuti (CMS) la cui popolarità fa sempre più gola [...]

Backdoors Found in Three More WordPress Plug-ins - Security Boulevard

December 28th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Security BoulevardIn what is becoming an increasingly common type of software supply chain attack, three more WordPress plug-ins that recently changed ownership got backdoored by their new owners. What's worse is that the malicious [...] Moves from Drupal to WordPress in CMS Shift - eWeek

December 27th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

eWeekEight years ago, the Obama Administration chose to use an open-source content management system (CMS) to power the website. Now in 2017, the Trump Administration has once again chosen to use an open-source [...]

Three Years Later, Hundreds of Sites Still Use Backdoored WordPress Plugins - BleepingComputer

December 26th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

BleepingComputerBut experts weren't happy with this resolution, and some argued that WordPress staffers should take the very intrusive step of removing the vulnerable plugins from affected sites. The problem with this suggestion was that [...]

Ataque em Sites WordPress Instala Minerador de Criptomoedas - Portal do Bitcoin (liberação de imprensa) (Blogue)

December 24th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Portal do Bitcoin (liberação de imprensa) (Blogue)Uma onda coordenada de violações de segurança e ataques de força bruta contra uma variedade de sites da WordPress foi relatada pela firma de segurança Wordfence. Neste momento, [...]

Largest Brute-force Attack in WordPress History Sneaks Monero miner on Websites - BTCMANAGER

December 23rd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

BTCMANAGERA coordinated wave of security breaches and brute-force attacks against a variety of WordPress websites has been reported by the security firm, Wordfence. At this time, the attackers appear to be installing Monero miners [...]

Hackers target WordPress websites with cryptomining campaign - SC Magazine UK

December 22nd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

SC Magazine UKHackers have deployed brute force attacks on WordPress websites in order to turn them into cryptocurrency miners. Single botnet thought to be behind massive attack that yielded almost £750,000 for criminals. Monero [...]

Yet Another WordPress Extension Changes Owner and Gets Backdoored - Security Boulevard

December 21st, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Security BoulevardA WordPress plug-in called Captcha with more than 300,000 active installations contained a backdoor that allowed its maintainer to gain unauthorized administrative access to other people's websites. The plug-in was apparently backdoored after [...]

WordPress plugin used by 300000 websites hides a secret backdoor - Digital Journal

December 20th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Digital JournalIt impacts the Captcha plugin for the WordPress content management system. Captcha was developed by WordPress development firm BestWebSoft. The company sold the free version of the plugin to a new developer called [...]

WordPress Developer/Designer - Built In Chicago

December 19th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

WordPress Developer/DesignerBuilt In Chicagoproject44 is revolutionizing the freight and logistics industry by applying cutting edge technologies to automate the entire lifecycle of freight shipments including quoting, scheduling, and real-time visibility. project44's network of APIs [...]

Help your customers find you by building a great website - Mashable

December 18th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

MashableJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger, an aspiring artist, or just launching your own company: In [...]

Home Secretary Amber Rudd blasts web giant who REFUSE to take down the hate-filled website of banned Far Right group ... - Daily Mail

December 17th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Daily MailAmber Rudd has slammed publishing site WordPress for not taking down the site of Scottish Dawn, a banned neo-Nazi group. Writing for The Sun, the Home Secretary said: 'It is unacceptable that Scottish [...]

How to Clean Your Hacked WordPress Site Without a Backup - HTML Goodies

December 16th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

How to Clean Your Hacked WordPress Site Without a BackupHTML GoodiesWeb hosting providers may disable your site, if they notice malicious activity on it, in order to stop the infection from spreading to other [...]

Javascript Injection Creates Rogue WordPress Admin User - Security Boulevard

December 15th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Security BoulevardJavascript Injection Creates Rogue WordPress Admin User. by Douglas Santos on December 14, 2017 · Javascript Injection Creates Rogue WordPress Admin User. Earlier this year, we faced a growing volume of infections related [...]

Keylogging Malware Infects More Than 5000 WordPress Sites - Web Host Industry Review

December 14th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Keylogging Malware Infects More Than 5000 WordPress SitesWeb Host Industry ReviewThe domain has been taken down after infecting thousands of WordPress sites with cryptocurrency mining and keylogging malware posing as script from trusted [...]

How to Find a Niche in the WordPress Ecosystem - SitePoint

December 12th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

SitePointWordPress is simple, elegant, and modular. That combination has made it the most popular web platform on the planet, resulting in a rich ecosystem of themes, plugins and support. It's an amazing opportunity for [...]

17 Cryptocurrency Plugins for WordPress - Practical Ecommerce

December 11th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Practical EcommerceCryptocurrencies have garnered much attention recently off of Bitcoin's meteoric rise in value — currently around $15,000. The Chicago Board Options Exchange has even launched futures contracts on Bitcoin for investors to bet [...]

MarsEdit 4 Beefs Up WordPress Support, More - The Mac Observer

December 8th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

The Mac ObserverBloggers rejoice! MarsEdit 4 was released this week, only seven years after its last major update. The new version of the Mac-based blog writing and editing app improves WordPress support and gets [...]

Кейлоггер обнаружен на 5500 �айтов, работающих под управлением WordPress - Хакер

December 7th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

ХакерСкрипты по-прежнему занимаютÑ�Ñ� майнингом за Ñ�чет поÑ�етителей взломанных Ñ�айтов, однако теперь к Ñ�тому добавилаÑ�ÑŒ функциональноÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ кейлоггера. Ð' первую очередь злоумышленников интереÑ�уют Ñ�айты под управлением WordPress, именно они Ñ�влÑ�ÑŽÑ‚Ñ�Ñ� оÑ�новной мишенью группы. ПреÑ�тупники компрометируют такие [...]

WordPress - narzędzie, które wypada znać [OFERTA MIKO�AJKOWA] - Komputer Świat

December 6th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Komputer ŚwiatInternetowy kurs "Wordpress dla nieprogramistów" pomaga przejść przez listę najważniejszych elementów i pokazuje jak je zrobić. Za trzydzieści pięć złotych (35 zł to promocyjna cena po przejściu z naszego odnośnika, po Black Friday [...]

MarsEdit 4 Update Adds Editor Enhancements, WordPress Improvements, and More - MacStories

December 5th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

MarsEdit 4 Update Adds Editor Enhancements, WordPress Improvements, and MoreMacStories... the sudden volume of requests as a security threat and terminated the connection to MarsEdit. That was easily fixed by limiting the number of [...]

Learn how the pros use WordPress to build the world's most popular websites for under $50 - TNW

December 4th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

TNW32 WordPress Themes from Wpbasin (a $1,248 value): 32 gorgeous WordPress themes to use in the building of a cutting-edge website, including sites for photography, music, art, fashion, law, weddings… basically, anything. StockPop Image [...]

Litecoin (LTC) – 100 USD again after WordPress Plugin announcement for 2018 - OracleTimes

December 3rd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

OracleTimesLitecoin (LTC), after announcing WordPress Plugin is back at 104 USD today. This a huge step for the cryptocurrencies that are currently using Lightning Network (Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC)). Microtransactions will continue to [...]

WordPress error due to - SitePoint

December 2nd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Wordpress error due toSitePointI have inherited a wordpress site and have just noticed in Firefox some icons are not displaying. They are OK in both Edge and Chrome. Anyway I ran the site through [...]

DreamHost to include Jetpack Professional with Advanced DreamPress PackagesManaged WordPress never looked so powerful. - Markets Insider

December 1st, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

DreamHost to include Jetpack Professional with Advanced DreamPress PackagesManaged WordPress never looked so powerful.Markets InsiderJetpack Professional adds a video CDN with no bandwidth restrictions, comprehensive spam protection, daily backups powered by VaultPress, automated and [...]

WordPress 4.9.1 Debuts with Updates to Harden Security - eWeek

November 30th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

eWeekAmong the security hardening improvements that have landed in the WordPress 4.9.1 update is the use of a properly generated hash for the newbloguser key function which is used to create new users. The [...]

New wordpress widget doesn't accept extrenal css file - How can I add some inline style? - SitePoint

November 29th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

New wordpress widget doesn't accept extrenal css file - How can I add some inline style?SitePointWordpress introduced a new widget called ''Custom Html''. You can add some code there and I want to add [...]

webShine Unveils WordPress SEO Solution: WP SEO Hub - PR Newswire (press release)

November 28th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

webShine Unveils WordPress SEO Solution: WP SEO HubPR Newswire (press release)BASALT, Colo., Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- webShine, a premier search marketing agency in the Rocky Mountain region, is delighted to announce the launch [...]

Thumbnails in WordPress Reader - SitePoint

November 25th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Thumbnails in Wordpress ReaderSitePointPhilbeaux 2017-11-25 15:16:11 UTC #1. One subject I find more and more frustrating as I go on is post thumbnails. I spent a great deal of trouble to get my post [...]

Win Over Your Client by Emphasizing on the Benefits of Using WordPress - Customer Think

November 24th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Win Over Your Client by Emphasizing on the Benefits of Using WordPressCustomer ThinkEven though WordPress is being used by a quarter of all websites on the internet, many people still question themselves “Is WordPress [...]

Random reCaptcha before I login into my WordPress site - SitePoint

November 22nd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Random reCaptcha before I login into my Wordpress siteSitePointHi I haven't logged into my WP site for about a month. So today I decided to check the site and keep it upto date. When [...]

Junior-Mid Weight Front End / WordPress Developer - Pedestrian TV

November 21st, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Junior-Mid Weight Front End / WordPress DeveloperPedestrian TVAre you a creative thinker and have a passion for digital? Do you get excited at the thought of working in a team to create amazing digital [...]

Die besten kostenlosen Plugins für WordPress - FOCUS Online

November 20th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

FOCUS OnlineKostenlose Plugins für Wordpress - eine Auswahl. Yoast SEO. Dieses Plugin umfasst eine Vielzahl von Funktionen. Wer auf die bezahlpflichtige Premiumversion wechselt, kann diese sogar noch einmal erweitern. Doch schon die Gratisversion hat [...]

Creating a custom theme How would you start WordPress - SitePoint

November 19th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Creating a custom theme How would you start WordpressSitePointJust something I've been thinking about, I was wondering how best to make a custom theme or customise. I have a classifieds site, which is doing [...]

This Is What Post-IPO Life Will Look Like For Spotify - Music Industry Blog (blog)

November 18th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Music Industry Blog (blog)With a fair wind, Spotify's long-anticipated public offering should happen before the end of Q2 2018 (and yes, probably a direct listing rather than an IPO but 'IPO' worked better in [...]

How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website - Domain Name Wire

November 17th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Domain Name WireJust about every website uses Google Analytics to track visitors. It's important for improving your website by analyzing site visitor behavior. Find out how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website.Click [...]

В попул�рном WordPress-плагине Formidable Forms найдены и и�правлены критиче�кие баги - Хакер

November 16th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

ХакерПо �ути, злоумышленник о�уще�твл�ет инжект вредоно�ного кода через у�звимую форму, и тот выполн�ет��, когда админи�тратор ре�ур�а про�матривает его через панель управлени� WordPress. Также, по �ловам аналитика, вышеупом�нута� SQL-у�звимо�ть в Formidable Forms пред�тавл�ет опа�но�ть и [...]

WP Engine CTO on enhancing the WordPress community as a startup and boosting diversity in the industry -

November 14th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Techworld.comWP Engine was founded in March 2010 by Jason Cohen after his experience of working and founding startups for many years. The idea for the startup, which has been developed to boost the speed [...]

7 WordPress plugins to show recommended content on your site - BestTechie

November 13th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

BestTechieShowcasing additional content on your website is a great way to interact with your audience and turn first-time visitors into loyal ones. In other words, if you aren't already, you need to take advantage [...]

WordPress migration mess in perpetual loop - SitePoint

November 12th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Wordpress migration mess in perpetual loopSitePointI built a Wordpress site on a test server and tried to move it to the public server, but ended up in a mess. I started by updating the [...]

Tool to increase site speed - Feedback wanted - SitePoint

November 11th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Tool to increase site speed - Feedback wantedSitePointI'm a developer, working on a tool to optimize websites, and make them faster to load. As you probably know, increasing a site's speed can lower your [...]

Managed Vs. Shared WordPress Hosting: Which One To Choose? - (press release) (blog)

November 10th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Managed Vs. Shared WordPress Hosting: Which One To Choose? (press release) (blog)Before we delve into the topic, let us first understand the difference between managed and shared WordPress hosting. Shared hosting is a cost-effective [...]

How to Integrate Inbound Marketing Into Your WordPress Website - Business 2 Community

November 9th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Business 2 CommunityWordPress is one of the most popular options when it comes to building websites; in fact, 28.9% of the Internet runs on WordPress…which makes it easy to assume that a plethora of [...]

Why Is WordPress The Go-To Platform For E-Commerce Stores? - (press release) (blog)

November 8th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Why Is WordPress The Go-To Platform For E-Commerce Stores? (press release) (blog)Setting up a website for the first time as an inexperienced web developer isn't an easy task unless you're one of the many [...]

Launch the WordPress website of your wildest dreams for less than $40 - Mashable

November 6th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

MashableFast forward a good 14 years or so, and their little project — WordPress — has become the most popular CMS in the world, powering nearly 29% (and counting) of the interwebs. You'll run [...]

Styling the header in WP - SitePoint

November 5th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Styling the header in WPSitePoint<?php /** * The header for our theme * * This is the template that displays all of the section and everything up until * * @link * * [...]

В WordPress у�транена опа�на� у�звимо�ть - InternetUA

November 4th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

InternetUAИБ-�пециали�т Энтони Феррара (Anthony Ferrara) ра��казал в �воем блоге, как на прот�жении не�кольких ме��цев он пытал�� за�тавить разработчиков WordPress и�править �ерьезную у�звимо�ть в �о�таве CMS, а в итоге даже был вынужден пригрозить публичным ра�крытием [...]

WordPress Issues Emergency Patch for SQL Injection Vulnerability - Web Host Industry Review

November 3rd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

WordPress Issues Emergency Patch for SQL Injection VulnerabilityWeb Host Industry ReviewWordPress announced the security release of version 4.8.3 this week to patch a vulnerability to website takeover through an SQL injection attack. The Halloween [...]

В WordPress у�транена опа�на� у�звимо�ть, позвол�вша� о�уще�твл�ть SQL-инъекции - Хакер

November 2nd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Ð' WordPress уÑ�транена опаÑ�наÑ� уÑ�звимоÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ, позволÑ�вшаÑ� оÑ�ущеÑ�твлÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ SQL-инъекцииХакерИБ-Ñ�пециалиÑ�Ñ‚ Энтони Феррара (Anthony Ferrara) раÑ�Ñ�казал в Ñ�воем блоге, как на протÑ�жении неÑ�кольких меÑ�Ñ�цев он пыталÑ�Ñ� заÑ�тавить разработчиков WordPress иÑ�править Ñ�ерьезную уÑ�звимоÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ в Ñ�оÑ�таве CMS, а в [...]

Running WordPress? You Need to Upgrade to Version 4.8.3 ASAP - Wccftech

November 1st, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Running WordPress? You Need to Upgrade to Version 4.8.3 ASAPWccftechMillions of websites running on WordPress are vulnerable to security threats as the company has pushed a latest version to fix a critical SQL-Injection vulnerability. [...]

If your websites use WordPress, put down that coffee and upgrade to 4.8.3. Thank us later - The Register

October 31st, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

The RegisterWordPress has a security patch out for a programming blunder that you should apply ASAP. The fix addresses a flaw that can be potentially exploited by hackers to hijack and take over WordPress-powered [...]

Coinhive Miners Found in Android Apps, WordPress Sites - BleepingComputer

October 30th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

BleepingComputerThe malicious deployment of in-browser JavaScript-based cryptocurrency mining scripts has continued the past week, and we've seen them reach Android applications on the official Google Play Store, but we've also seen the first mass-deployment [...]

SSL certificate for form submissions on Bluehost site - SitePoint

October 29th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

SSL certificate for form submissions on Bluehost siteSitePointRussellB 2017-10-28 21:25:52 UTC #1. I look after a site that has a retreat submission form that asks for some personal information. I want to secure the [...]

Bootstrapped Brisbane startup acquires WordPress tech to solve web design headaches - Anthill online

October 28th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Anthill onlineA Brisbane startup set to help millions of web designers generate recurring revenue is gearing up for a capital raise after acquiring world-class software and gaining 20,000 users. maekit is a cloud platform [...]

Jewel Theme's WordPress Theme, VideoStories Is Becoming Increasingly Popular - Digital Journal

October 27th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Digital JournalSome WordPress users have complained about not the service not having a lot of options for video showcasing. This puts Youtubers, marketers, and movie makers at great disadvantage, as they are unable to [...]

RayoflightThemes Releases Health Insurance WordPress Theme - Digital Journal

October 26th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

RayoflightThemes Releases Health Insurance WordPress ThemeDigital JournalHealth Insurance WordPress Theme has 3 predefined homepage designs to choose from with an option for a one page or a multi-page site (with two menu options). RayoflightThemes, [...]

WordPress-blogs kunnen betaalmuur krijgen voor Patreon-donateurs - Tweakers

October 25th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

TweakersWordpress-blogs kunnen vanaf woensdag een betaalmuur krijgen, waardoor gebruikers bepaalde posts alleen kunnen lezen als zij auteurs steunen via Patreon. De betaalmuur is een gevolg van de introductie van integratie van crowdfundingdienst Patreon met [...]

Webflow, The Web Design Amalgam Of WordPress And Photoshop, Releases Interactions 2.0 - Forbes

October 24th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Webflow, The Web Design Amalgam Of WordPress And Photoshop, Releases Interactions 2.0ForbesWriting on Consumer Tech & Social Media with a satirical, cynical edge Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Webflow. Lorem ipsum [...]

Maekit leaps on WordPress opportunity - The Australian

October 23rd, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

The AustralianMaekit picked up WP Remote from British-based WordPress development agency Human Made, which built The Sun newspaper and USA Today websites, and the start-up's founder Matt Holme said that the buy not only [...]

WordPress Hosting Is Made Easy With Speed Solid - Digital Journal

October 21st, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

WordPress Hosting Is Made Easy With Speed SolidDigital JournalSpeed Solid is a new web hosting company that provides businesses with essential services like WordPress hosting that they need to establish a powerful online presence [...]

Hackers scanning for unsecured SSH private keys on WordPress sites - SC Magazine UK

October 20th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

SC Magazine UKThis may indicate a common bug or operational mistake that is being made by WordPress site owners, by which private keys are being accidentally made public,� he said. According to a report [...]

New GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Service Aimed at Web Professionals - Small Business Trends

October 19th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

Small Business Trends“Pro Managed WordPress streamlines client site maintenance and allows these developers and designers to build and manage safe and reliable sites for their clients, all through one central solution.� Beyond working in [...]

How to keep your WordPress site secure - TechRepublic

October 18th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

TechRepublic... Delicious; Digg; Pinterest; Stumbleupon; Google Plus. Open source software like WordPress has a reputation for beingless secure than closed source, and that's not necessarily true, according to cybersecurity firm SiteLock president Neill Feather [...]

Moving To WordPress.Com - ScienceBlogs (blog)

October 17th, 2017|عالم ووردبريس|

ScienceBlogs (blog)Moving To WordPress.Com. Posted by Martin R on October 17, 2017. (0). More ». Here's the new URL: Related. Festival Pregnancy. After my first marriage I briefly dated a stoner girl. She [...]